PLEASE NOTE: Certain amendments have been made since these rules were posted. These are, mainly, that bartenders can use any branded bottle during their performance, not just Havana and secondly, registration closes at 2pm on Monday 23rd August.


The Flair Ireland Classic Flairtending Competition 2010 presented by Flair Ireland and The Mezz will take place on Monday, August 30th at the Mezz Venue, Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. This is meant as a fun competition  for both the competitors and those in attendance. The competition consists of two rounds, the qualification round and the grand final. Three competitors will make it to the grand final. Competitor registrations should be sent to Slim Denby slim.denby@gmail.com. Any questions should be sent to the same email address.




General Rules

·                    Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the competition

·                    Any competitor that display low integrity, poor taste or disrespect for the competition, sponsors, staff or premises are subject to disqualification from the competition.

·                    All competitors must be on site by 5pm on Monday, August 23rd at The Mezz Venue, Eustace Street, Temple Bar

·                    There will be a maximum of fifteen (15) competitors in this event

·                    This event is open to all bartenders over the age of eighteen (18)

·                    The event is not part of any official tour but the winner will represent Flair Ireland in The Roadhouse Flair Challenge in September 2010

·                    Bartenders must be in continuous employment in a bar in the Republic Of Ireland. Anyone who isn't in continuus employment in ROI can take part but cannot qualify for the Grand Final

·                    Music must be supplied in audio format on CD and in it's own cover properly labelled with the competitors name,  running order and track number. Event staff are not responsible for damaged or misplaced music.

·                    Songs with inappropriate lyrics (swear words, or references to sex or drugs) are not permitted and will incur penalty score deductions or disqualification.

·                    Competition sponsors are The Mezz Venue and  Flair Ireland

·                    Competing bartenders may not wear logos of any companies conflicting with the event sponsors

·                    There is only one prize in this competition and that consists of return flights to London, UK, hotel accommodation and competition entry to the Roadhouse Flair Challenge, at Roadhouse, The Piazza, Covent Garden, London at the end of September 2010.

·                    The winner must be available to fly to London and compete in the Roadhouse Flair Challenge in September 2010. Should the winner be unable to make this competition, the runner up will be sent in the winner's stead.

·                    The prize is not exchangeable




Flair Rules

·                    Each Competitor will have four (4) minutes of show time in the qualifying round and five (5) minutes in the Grand Final

·                    Competitors will be using Havana Club bottles and must make a Cuba Libre in their routine.

·                    All Havana Club bottles must be set to no less than 1/2 oz. Under no circumstances are empty bottles to be used. Empty bottles may be passed to the spotters to avoid them being used by mistake.

·                    No plastic bottles may be used.

·                    Competitors may select their own barbacks.

·                    Pour spouts must be completely unrestricted allowing a free flow.

·                    Competitors must be backstage and ready to compete at least 2 contenders before their allocated slot

·                    Bottles must have their sponsor brand labels intact and not covered by stickers or tape.

·                    Competitors can and should provide their own bottles, tins, pourers and other tools if required. The sponsors or Venue will accept no responsibility for injuries or loss of equipment during competition.

·                    Bartenders are given 5 minutes to set up the competition bar however they want it but nothing should be on the upper surface before their routine starts

·                    No fire tricks of any kind are allowed






Scoring - Total of 300 points available


Flair 200 - 50 points per subsection


·                    Variety - We want to see conpetitors flair everything they touch. For example, if you pick a bottle up and just pour, the judges will see this as a missed flair opportunity. The more types of different flair moves, (grabs, pours, bumps, taps, rolls, stalls, etc) the better the variety score will be.

·                    Creativity - Our judges have a wide variety of flair and will spot if someone has their own unique moves or style which they believe the competitor has come up with himself.

·                    Difficulty - This has nothing to do with how many objects you flair at once. The best way of scoring well under the difficulty subsection is to land combos as sometimes a bump, tap and roll combo is more difficult than a four object move

·                    Smoothness - Did you use a set routine or just improvise. Did you recover well from a drop or just let it affect the rest of your performance? A well balanced routine nets more points under the smoothness subsection. Beating yourself up for a drop will only go against you



Entertainment  100  (25 points per subsection)


·                    Balance - The judges will be looking out for a well thought out routine and not something that hasn't been planned. Your routine should build up to a big finish for maximum points

·                    Showmanship - Flair is all about entertaining the crowd. You should interact with the specators to make them enjoy your routine a lot more. A cheeky smile in the middle of a routine goes a long way

·                    Music Interaction - Flairing in time with your chosen song makes it look like your dancing while flairing and this goes down a storm.  The judges will be looking to see if you stop when the music stops/breaks and if you're flairing to the beat of the music.

·                    Composure - Stay calm and relaxed. Are you confident while preforming and do you recover well from drops and mistakes? To score well, you must have these abilities. Self disappontment is a big no-no.






·        Drop (3 points) - A drop is when the object you are flairing with is out of your control and falls to the floor or onto the bar. We will not count drops with a beverage napkins, straw, garnish or ice. Also if you are flairing 3 bottles for example and you drop two of them, then that will be counted as two drops. If you drop a bottle and it spills you will only be penalised for the drop, you will not be deducted for the spill as well. If you knock the bar and two tins fall off of the station you will be counted for two drops here as it is the fault of the bartender. If you are flairing 3 tins and one bottle and you drop all 3 tins which are all together and inside each other then this is only 1 drop, but if they are separated and you drop them then it is 3 drops.

·        Spill (2 points) - We will have two judges counting spills and then we will take the average from their results. A spill will be down to the judges’ discretion.

·        Break (10 points) - Whenever a glass object is smashed, either in mid air or on the floor.

·        Misc (5 points) - Missing ingredient, wrong ingredient or wrong procedure. We will be looking for beverage napkins, straw, garnish, plenty of ice, whether you used the correct procedure when making the required drinks and finally if you put in the required ingredients for the cocktail.

·        Missing Drink (40 points) - Quite simply, if you don’t have the drink on the bar by the end of your routine, then it is considered as missing. If you have a glass on the bar top with ice but with no alcohol or mixer etc then that is a missing drink. If a drink is considered as missing you will not get deducted for the missing ingredients as well.