Who the hell are we?

Flair Ireland was set up to showcase everyone involved in the flair scene in Ireland and basically reward the bartenders involved (you know who you are) for developing the talent of flair bartending to the fantastic level it's at now. The site is an archive of everyone who actively contibutes to Irish flair.
     Please enjoy the biographies, photos and videos of these fantastic performers and try to not spend too long on the bartending games. Also, feel free to put a link on your own blog or networking site

How the hell do YOU get involved?

Flairing is our passion so as a result, it's 100% free! Our aim is to promote the art of flair in Ireland so we can raise awareness and interest. The quality of Irish flair is shooting up rapidly with the names like Bodo Billy, Chris Hennessey and John Koloe on the circuit which is nurtured by Slim Denby and Alan Kavanagh from totalcocktailsolutions.ie.
         Do you reckon you have it? Do you think you'll be able to pull off any of these mind-blowing moves? We can answer that question. YES YOU CAN!
There are just three factors required if you want to become a flair bartender. These are simple;
        Determination > you really need to want to flair
        Inspiration > Inventing moves is a nightmare so why not learn existing ones?
        Practice > And lots of it but it's not tedious at all when you're practicing with others
.......which is what we're all about!
         The bartenders involved in Flair Ireland meet up every week either in St. Stephen's Green Park or downstairs in The Mezz on Eustace street. We have a flair ireland group on facebook where we post all photos, vids and when/where we're meeting up next. All YOU need to do is show up and flair!

To visit and join the Flair Ireland group on facebook, just follow the facebook link below.
Flair For Life!