Slim Denby

Slim was born in Dublin in 1977 and started in the bar trade at 16 years of age. Just before his 19th birthday, he travelled to Jersey in the Channel Islands to work the summer season. In August 1996, he started working in AllSport Bar and Brasserie, St. Helier as a bar back. It was here he met David Palethorpe from Grantham, UK, a passionate flair bartender, Michael Hogg from Newcastle, UK, a fantastic juggler and flair bartender and Gilles Tran from Ho Chi Mihn City (Saigon) in Vietnam, a veteran cocktail bartender who ran the bars in places like Café De Paris, London. From these three bartenders, Slim caught the bug for flair and it's a bug that doesn't go away. 
After years of flairing, Slim rose to be the best flair bartender in the Channel Islands In 2002, he left to go to Wakefield and competed and won twice in The Northern Light Flair Challenge. He competed in the Mickey Finn Flair Comp in Samsara in 2007 and then two Bacardi World Flair comps until himself, Alan Kavanagh and Aaron wall formed Kobra Flair Academy in 2009. From there, Flair Ireland was formed.
          Slim is a graduate of Nick Saint Jean's Midori Flair School 'Flair Motion' in london and is widely regarded as the most respected flairtender in ireland.