Alan Kavanagh

Alan Kavanagh is widely regarded as the father of flair in Ireland. He ran the country's first competition and has been involved in one way or another in the organisation, promotion and/or running of every competition since. Alan would be regarded as a good friend by flair legends the world over namely Nick Saint Jean, Christian and Rodrigo Delpeche, Tom Dyer and, OF COURSE,  Jay Du Toit and Olly Pluck, flair coordinators of The Roadhouse Flair Challenge, London.
      Alan left his home behind the bar to work for Edward Dillons as portfolio ambassador some years ago. Along with that, he has his own successful company Total Cocktail Solutions which supplies professional bartenders to events all over the country. It's his passion that makes him take the time out of his busy schedule for flair and competitions. To put it bluntly, Irish Flair would be non existant if it wasn't for him. 
Not only is Alan a limb in the flair world, he's also huge on the mixology scene in Ireland, playing big parts in world famous compeitions such as The Bacardi Legacy Competition and The 42 Below Cocktail World Cup.
       Along with Bacardi Flair Champion Bodo Billy of Harry's Bar, Alan hopes to open Ireland's first dedicated flair school 'Total Flair Academy' which we all hope will bring new talent into Irish Flair.

     From all of us, Thanks Al and Ciara x